running motion pictures


the running stallion

Like a horse, strong, passionate and ready to run, the company began like a young calf galloping through life, trying to experience the most of what it could and could not, capturing amazing stories worldwide and meeting fantastic souls in its continuing journey.

With its fiery passion, it had a goal, a destiny, more importantly a future it had to see. Possessing talents of true storytelling, merging the gap between vision and mission and being the catalyst to breathe life into a new form of entertainment for its audience.

They would inspire, create and come into the world as

Running Motion Pictures.

the importance of video editing


Editing is the essential process of connecting your story together, building an image and true vision for your audience in a way that speaks not only consciously but subconsciously to them. This process is the connector of storytelling and the bridge to what makes content rich around the world.

We will not only let your story be heard and seen in the best light but help you impact millions in a positive way.

There is no limit, and no video that cannot be edited.


Color Correction is the process of taking colors that are captured incorrectly from your camera and editing them into how our eyes see them in the real world. 100% of the time, the colors are off and unnoticeable until fixed.

For example, our skin color is often more towards the red and orange tones, normally it is captured too green or too yellow as we will see below.

Color Grading is applying a look, making it more intriguing and giving it an emotion, a touch of the film atmosphere, with a cool teal look or an orange grade. It is often what you want the audience to feel through color.

Picture 3 depicts the use of a teal/blue grade.

raw image


color corrected


color graded


our wolrd of filmmaking


The beauty of capturing our remarkable and enormous world all on the outstanding device of a camera. The frame, what we see and feel from the image, is the magic we possess to capture your content from course creation videos, promotional events to epic outputs of your training sessions, as well as any story you would like to tell.

This covers the perfect look, the crisp sound, as well as the great lighting, so you too can look as good as an actor.

All these factors build a world in creating the best imagery for you.

Filmed with our Canon 80D camera 

Part of a course creation for Nolan Pillay to nurture young minds through his own experiences and skills 

Filmed with the Sony A7s Mark ii camera

Part of a Samra Annual General Meeting Event 


the beauty of photography


Photography, used almost every day from phones to cameras.

This is the essence of capturing your memories and greatest moments that tell a story without a single word spoken.

Your smiles, your laughter, moments you want to remember, moments that grow through life with you all in a single photo. We do our best to capture those joyful opportunities at your events.

Every photo tells a story, and every story is a tale to be told.

Shot with our Canon 80D

Picture taken as part of a nature walk situated in the beautiful province of Mpumalanga

Shot with our Canon 80D

Picture taken at Slayer Collectibles showcasing one of their designers working on a project 

why running motion pictures

We are not built on the ideals of the world, its construction to limit creativity or dictate how true wonder through our eyes should be perceived.

We are servants of quality and operators of creativity.

We do what we do to bring life to your imagination, we take thoughts and push them beyond just being a thought.

We can assure remarkable outputs of content and nothing less.

Our sole goal is to make the greatest content the world has ever seen,

and we can only achieve that with your help.

It all starts with you.